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YEEGHO is a management consulting firm with a team working in and from Austria and Europe - for the time being. We collaborate with partners all over the world and are enlarging the YEEGHO family.


YEEGHO was founded in 2021 by Managing Director Stefan Meingast. Stefan has ample experience in building project teams and realizing donor-funded projects in the European Union, South-Eastern Europe and neighboring countries of the EU. He holds a Master's degree in Political Science, Communication Science and History of the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich. He is also a graduate of the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna. After working two years in the Austrian Foreign Service, he joined a private company where he lead the International Projects Department for 14 consecutive years. He held responsible for more than 200 reform projects in the public sector on topics like justice, e-government and customs.


Stefan is an ardent supporter of the European integration process - embodied by the European Union. He is proud that he and his team not only help private and public organizations grow, but to have a small share in making Europe stronger and better.


To this end, we develop specific solutions to make project implementation easier and less time-consuming for its customers. We also draw from vast technical experience on how to carry out donor-funded actions and empower staff by training and coaching.


For more information on how we do things and what we do, refer to the sections on project management, consultancy and training.


We want to earn and deserve your trust by delivering exceptional expertise. We will always give you truthful advice, based on a thorough problem analysis.

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