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"The difficulty lies not in the new ideas, but escaping the old ones"


We believe in consultancy which is results-driven, over-delivering, passionate, consistent. We are driven by the motivation to understand a problem thoroughly and see it through your eyes - without jumping to conclusions. Likewise, we are determined to become your long-term adviser, team partner and confidant.


Advice on reforming the public administration

We have many years of experience in advising public administrations in countries in the European Union, in South-East Europe and neighbouring countries of the EU in adapting their structures and workflows and improve their daily service delivery to citizens.

Office Meeting

Policy advice

We provide experts in various fields to give advice in challenging policy areas and help decision makers not only to make better decisions, but also to understand a specific issue more thoroughly. Communicating such decisions in the right way is, of course, included in our consultancy.


Provide in-depth analysis

Based on our in-depth know-how on project funding, public administration reform, capacity building, better governance, change and stakeholder management and internal as well as external project communication we can give you a detailed reflection on your specific situation and help you make the right next steps.

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